AI for Public Safety & Borders.

Half-day event | 6 March 2019 | Microsoft Center, Brussels


The scale and complexity of crime, including cybercrime, now demands real-time alerts and responses that humans simply can’t keep up with. AI is an increasingly vital tool for public safety agencies, however, there is a need for caution when applying new technologies to the complex and sensitive scenarios they deal with and AI must be trained to be responsible. Organisations must teach AI to act with accountability and transparency and must put the right governance in place to ensure public trust and confidence. Furthermore, there is a need to ensure that a laser-focus on preventing and detecting criminal activity does not override the fundamental rules and ethics that govern public safety operations.

Part of the Brussels Tech Tables series brought to you by Forum Europe, in cooperation with Accenture and Microsoft, this half-day event convened experts from business, policy, civil society and other stakeholder groups to provide input into what the future technology-related priorities should be for public safety in Europe. 



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